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Connecting Communities, Connecting Businesses, Connecting Wiltshire

The TransWilts Community Area Partnership is a division of the TransWilts Community Interest Company. - See [here] for TransWilts Vision2020

Timetable May to December 2018 - download from [here]

Melksham Station, the way forward - presentation [here]
Service plan 2019 and beyond - proposal [here] and presentation [here]

27 June 2018 - Melksham Rail User Group (Town Hall, 19:30)
20 June 2018 - TransWilts Stakeholder Meeting, Trowbridge

Joining and supporting The Partnership

How you can help
... Use the trains ... Tell people about the line ... Point people to this web site ... Be our ambassadors.

Want to be kept informed? Want to come to our Special General Meeting on 31st August?

If you are interested in supporting us in ANY way, please register your interest via this form. We'll come back, review and refine friends, supporters and full members once we're set up and running.

Your NamePlease give your full name
Email AddressThe email address through which we may contact you
OrganisationThe name of any organisations you repreent or may represent. You can leave this box blank if you're looking to be a member / supporter in purely a personal capacity
Official Rep?If you're an official rep of an organisation, or likely to become one, please let us know
Home StationWhich TransWilts (or other) station would you consider to be your main base?
Destination(s) Swindon
Dilton Marsh

Which other TransWilts (and other) stations are of particular interest for your journeys?
Coming on 31st August?It would be good to see you at our Special General Meeting. Please let us know if you can come; you can also use this box to register your apologies for not making the meeting ...
Additional InformationPlease let us know of any other information which may be useful to us at this point. E.g. ways you want to help, suggestions, etc
What is 2 plus 2We are asking this question to check that the form is being completed by a real person!

The data provided on this for will be used only in the setting up of the TransWilts Community Rail Partnership and initial expressions of interest. We'll update you by email over the coming months via the email address given - that will be just occasional (no more than once a month unless things move very quickly) and we'll establish and register for a separate membership / database within the next year.

Want to do more?

• Keep your station neat and tidy
• Help with passenger counts and surveys
• Hand out leaflets and man booths at carnivals, parades, and other events
• Travel on specially promoted trains to help inform newcomers who have never been on trains before
• Organise an activity that involves the use of the line
• Keep an eye out for potential improvements
• Do you have specialist knowledge that will help out team?

Winter 2017/18 and Spring 2018

See ... TransWilts CIC page for current and future news of trains, buses and other transport to, from, through and within Wiltshire

The TransWilts Community Rail Partnership (TWCRP) is a group of like-minded organisations seeking to make better use of the TransWilts railway line.The partnership aims to achieve positive, sustainable and imaginative development of the TransWilts railway in ways which also benefit the places it serves, including enhancement of services to meet the current and future travel requirements of those places. It sees the line as an essential link for the local communities and businesses along the route, and as part of the projected strategic north - south rail link through an area experiencing major expansion. The TWCRP liaise with all interested parties to promote the social, economic and environmental prosperity of the local communities.

We are proud that these organisation have provided significant assistance in achieving the recent improvements in train services on the section of line from Swindon to Westbury:


TransWilts Community Rail Partnership - -


From 2 trains a day in 2012 to 8 in 2014?