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The TransWilts Community Area Partnership is a division of the TransWilts Community Interest Company. - See [here] for TransWilts Vision2020

Timetable May to December 2018 - download from [here]

Melksham Station, the way forward - presentation [here]
Service plan 2019 and beyond - proposal [here] and presentation [here]

27 June 2018 - Melksham Rail User Group (Town Hall, 19:30)
20 June 2018 - TransWilts Stakeholder Meeting, Trowbridge

Are you new to train travel?

We've added some tips on information, tickets, children, luggage, dogs, bicycles, toilets and parking at the bottom of this page (below the timetables) to help you.

Swindon to Westbury and back, January to May 2018

Melksham Train Timetable
Melksham Train Timetable
Melksham Train Timetable

An introduction for newcomers to train travel ...

Tickets may be purchased just before you get on the train, or from the conductor if your ticket's not available from the machine. Advanced purchase tickets for some longer distance journeys are available via the Great Western Railway web site, and can be posted collected from the ticket machine prior to travel. These may offer lower fares, but you have to travel on the train you have booked.

Toilets are available on every train, and at Swindon, Chippenham, Westbury and Trowbridge stations at peak times.

Parking is available at all stations served by the Westbury to Swindon line. It's free at Melksham, but you'll have to pay at the other stations.

You may bring children under 5, two dogs, two pieces of luggage and a bicycle along with you at no extra charge, subject to space being available. Children aged 5 to 15 travel at a reduced rate, usually half fare.

Information posters, screens which are updated from central control to tell you about current train running, and an information point to talk to a representative of the company that operates the trains are available at every station.

Please keep away from the platform edge until your train has arrived and come to a complete stop. Other trains uses these lines - even the single track at Melksham.


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• Change at Swindon for Didcot, Reading and London (Paddington)

• Change at Chippenham or Trowbridge for Bath and Bristol

• Change at Westbury for Weymouth and the West of England

• Change at Salisbury for Southampton and Portsmouth, Basingstoke and London (Waterloo)