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Timetable May to December 2018 - download from [here]

Melksham Station, the way forward - presentation [here]
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27 June 2018 - Melksham Rail User Group (Town Hall, 19:30)
20 June 2018 - TransWilts Stakeholder Meeting, Trowbridge

Enjoy your trip - and come back again

The Community Rail Partnership want to encourage new users to try out the train, and for them to have a positive experience and keep coming back. There's a very wide range of ways to enjoy the train, and this page answers some questions that newcomers may have about what they can (and occasionally cannot) do.

Dogs, Luggage, Cycles, Wifi, Refreshments and Photography

Taking your dog by train

You may take up to two dogs on any TransWilts train, at no extra cost, and no ticket required. The dog(s) should be well behaved, as they'll accompany you in the passenger carriages and be your responsibility. At Swindon and Salisbury (and other barriered stations on the rest of the network), you may either carry your dog through the automatic barrier, or ask the member of staff who's always on duty if the barriers are closed to let you through the wide gate. Keep your dog on a lead at all times in the station area.

We find it's a good idea to find a patch of grass near to the station before we go onto the platform, and to carry some water and doggie treats with us. With suitable preparations, most dogs love travelling by train.

Muzzle your dogs if you need to when on the train, and do not allow them onto the seats. Not everyone loves your dog as much as you do, and there are some cultures which have a very real fear of them. If another customer objects to your dog, you may be asked to more and perhaps travel in the luggage ares.

Dogs are allowed on all trains on the main railway network in the UK, with the exception of sleeper trains (where assistance dogs may be allowed). They are not allowed in refreshment carriages. The situation on private railways varies, and we advise to you check ahead of time to avoid disappointment if there's a total ban ... more often, you'll have to pay a fare for them.

See details [here]for full terms and conditions.

Taking your cycle by train

You may take your push bike on any TransWilts train, and leave and join at any station. Please note that there is a limit to the number of cycles that can be conveyed on any service (but we have not yet seen that limit ever reached). There is no charge for the carriage of your cycle by train.

There is flat / sloped access available to all platforms at all TransWilts stations except Chippenham, where you'll probably need to carry the cycle over the footbridge.

You are also encouraged to cycle to the station and leave your cycle there, and all stations on the TransWilts have special areas where you can lock up your cycle out of the rain. These are free locations and on railway property, but you leave your cycle there at your own risk.

See details [here] for full terms and conditions.

Taking your wheelchair on the train

All platforms at all TransWilts stations have flat or ramped access to the platforms. At Chippenham, you will need to have assistance from staff, and Network Rail requires you to give advanced notice of this. TransWilts trains carry ramps to help you load and unload, and train staff will assist you as needed. There are spaces for wheelchairs on all trains.

There is a limit to the size of wheelchair that you can take on a train - it can be limited by the width of gangways, the angle of the ramp, and the weight and balance of the chair. Policy varies by train operating company, and you should seek advice from the particular company you wish to travel with if you'll be using a larger or powered chair.

See details [here] for further details.

Taking luggage on the train

You are allowed up to three items of luggage - two large and one small - per person, free of charge. Items exceeding 1 metre in any dimension, and additional pieces, may be charged for. Items that pose a danger will not be carried - and this includes motor cycles.

See details [here]for full terms and conditions.

Taking Railway Photographs

You'll see many pictures on this web site and others of trains, and in the UK in general (and on the TransWilts) people who enthusiastically take pictures of trains are usually welcomed. Of course, you need to be sensible about it, but these things sometimes aren't obvious until pointed out.

* Only go where passengers normally go, and consider safety and whether you're blocking people / stopping them do their job at all times.
* If you're taking more than the the odd familliy snap with a railway backdrop, it's a good idea to let station staff nearby know what you're doing - especially if you'll be hanging around for a while until a train comes by. Standard advise tells you to let the staff know, so they should not be surprised when you tell them.
* Don't use flash as it may distract staff, and don't photograph security equipment (bit hard to avoid that sometimes, as there seem to be so mnay webcams in some places).

Photographs taken should be for private use - get permission first if you're a TV company that's planning to use your footage in the evening news.

See [here] for the full National Rail guidelines.

Facilties on the train

All TransWilts trains are one class only. If they are longer than 1 carriage, there will be a connection between carriages, and there will be a toilet available to you. None of the trains that presently operate on the TransWilts have buffet facilities, and at the present time you should be able to get a seat (though this is not a guaranteed right). Seat reservations are not available. The current regular TransWilts trains do not have Wifi internet access facilities, nor do they have power points available for customer use.


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